Folly might be 40, but its crazy history goes way beyond that!

In lieu of this weekend’s celebration on Folly Beach to commemorate its incorporation as a city 40 years ago I wanted to share with you some little known facts about Folly back in the day.  Some or maybe all of them might surprise you.  First off, sometimes Folly Beach will be referred to as Coffin Island – there’s a couple different reasons to explain this including that from way back when before ships entered the Charleston Harbor they’d drop off those sick and dying of various diseases so as to avoid delays due to quarantine.  A second commonly head belief is it received that name due to its earlier origin as a leper colony.  I don’t think anyone really knows for sure when or why the name got its start.  Ever seen the movie Glory starring Matthew Broderick, Morganglory - MI lighthouse Freeman, and Denzel Washington?  I hate to give away the ending if you haven’t but that final battle scene, in which Matthew Broderick’s character is commanding the 54th Massachusetts Infantry, and which ends in great casualties, well that scene took place in its real history on Morris Island, the same Morris Island you see from the north tip of Folly Island!  Folly Beach also was believed to be a popular hideout for pirates.  Just imagine Blackbeard or Stede Bonnet (aka the Gentleman Pirate), both of which known to frequent the Charleston area, lounging under the shade of the palm trees on Folly Island.  Amazing what interesting bits of history such a small island can contain.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog post, sure to contain great stories and pictures from all the festivities coming up this weekend.  And if you’ll be on Folly Beach this Saturday be sure to stop by our booth where we’re having a drawing for one free night stay as well as giving out samples of our world famous Folly Punch!

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