Folly’s 40th…In Review

We had a wonderful time this weekend celebrating Folly’s 40th birthday.  Our booth was set up all day Saturday and we got to chat with so many great people throughout the day.  Our world famous Folly Punch was a hit, we even had some people come back to ‘sample’ it for a third or fourth time.  The bands were great, playing a wide range of music throughout the day with the occasional passerby adding in a dance move or two.  Clowns wandered up and down the street, little kids had their faces covered in elaborate paint designs, and everyone indulged in delicious looking street foods provided by a wide array of vendors.  The party didn’t stop when the street opened back up, everyone just moved to the sidewalk or bars to continue enjoying the festive atmosphere.  I’ll let our pictures do the rest of the talking.

Follys 40th collage

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