Folly Beach Flyers

Brown pelicans are a common sighting along the surf and overhead of Folly Beach. Their grace mesmerizes and dramatic plunges draw in many bystanders attention. Watching them skim just above the water surface, following each other along in a perfectly straight line as a wave crashes just behind, is a sight to be seen. Not many people know a lot about these incredible creatures, which is why it’s a good thing I’m here to share my knowledge with you:
-Brown pelicans are common in the state of South Carolina. On the most rare of occasions you may come across a white pelican – in that case it’s one lost bird.
-To know whether a bird is immature or mature just check out their heads – immature birds’ heads are brown while mature ones are white.
-Ever see a pelican crash with full force into the water?? – That’s because they’ve spotted their meal and use the force of the impact to temporarily stun the fish.
But doesn’t that hurt them? – No, in fact each of the birds has air sacs nestled in between vital organs to protect their bodies on impact.
-Brown pelicans were once on the verge of extinction due to pesticide pollution, but thankfully their population has bounced back.
-When brown pelicans crash into the water they don’t close their eyes, they keep them open…eye on the prey. Sadly, as time goes on with the repeated trauma many of these birds develop cataracts eventually leading to blindness.
Next time you spot these awkward looking and yet incredibly graceful creatures, stop and reflect on what you now know!

Folly Beach, SC - Pelican flying along the water's edge

Folly Beach, SC – Brown Pelican

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