Folly Beach Cup…Beach Games Done Right!

Beach games are naturally a part of the beach culture of any coastal town.  Family reunions, youth retreats, and bachelor or bachelorette groups will often have a time honored tradition and so on any given day while strolling along the shoreline you’ll happen upon these different past times in action.  Boys will be playing wiffle ball, a young couple hitting a paddle ball back and forth, men competing in an intense game of corn hole, and a family competing against one another in bocce ball.  The beach not only affords an opportunity for relaxing and soaking up the sun or enjoying walks along the surf, its also an ideal place to host a wide array of games and competitions.  However, it’s not everyday you happen upon an event like this….

Folly cup The 4th Annual Folly Cup is a time honored tradition amongst friends on Folly.  Games include throwback events such as tug of war, izzy dizzy, 3-legged race, egg toss, and potato sack race, along with an awards ceremony at the end.  So next time you plan to make a trip to the beach with friends or family, spend a little extra time planning for a fun beach games day – guaranteed to be an unforgettably funny and enjoyable experience.


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