Happy Mother’s Day from Water’s Edge Inn!

With Mother’s Day only two days away we would like to take a moment to honor and recognize all of the mothers in our families who have sacrificed so much to help make us who we are today.  We thought you would enjoy reading some interesting facts about her special day.

Mothers day

  • Mother’s Day became an official national holiday in 1914, but there was an observance that dates back to the 16th century in Europe called “Mothering Sunday.” It took place on the fourth Sunday of Lent, and it was observed by returning to their “mother church.” It later changed to a less religious honoring of mothers
  • In the United States, Mother’s Day was “started” by Anna Jarvis who, in 1908, who wanted to honor her late mother. Her mother had organized “Mothers’ Friendship Day” in 1968 as a way to promote reconciliation following the end of the Civil War.
  • Mother’s Day is the name of the holiday, not Mothers’ Day. Jarvis’ intent was to honor each individual mother (your own), so the name is kept singular, not plural.

Here are some interesting Mother’s Day statistics:

$1.9 billion is spent annually on flowers for Mother’s Day. 69% of all gifts given are flowers. 13% of mothers buy themselves flowers for Mother’s Day.

There are 133 million cards exchanged for Mother’s Day each year, according to Hallmark. That makes Mother’s Day the third-largest holiday for card exchanging each year.

The total number of telephone calls increases 37% on Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all from of us at Water’s Edge Inn on Folly Beach!

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