Shark Week!


SharkWeek-Side1Are you a fan of these aquatic carnivores? Visit the South Carolina Aquarium August 1-10 for Shark Week!

Shark Week activities: 
Reel in the Shark Week experience with tons of toothy fun! From shark themed dive shows, interactive shark carts, and our popular Shark on the Shelf, there’s excitement for all ages all week long: 

-Bruce, the Aquarium’s giant inflatable shark, will welcome guests 
-Bamboo shark touch experience (limited times only) 
-Shark-themed dive shows 
-“Shark on the Shelf” making a special summer appearance 
-Shark-themed interactive education stations such as Sharkeology where you can dig for shark artifacts, and our Shark Cart with fossils, teeth, and more! 
-Photos in a giant Megalodon jaw 
-Shark dress-up area 
-Marvel at 13 sharks which call the Great Ocean Tank home, including sand tiger sharks! 

For more information on Shark Week, please visit the website provided. 

The aquarium is open daily from 9:00am-5:00pm.

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