Whether or not you’ve ever been to a murder mystery dinner before this is definitely something everyone should check out while you’re visiting the area! I had never been to one before but I’m definitely glad I made this a priority. At the Black Fedora Comedy Mystery Theater the stage and the actors are you. Of course there’s the pro actors there to help facilitate things along, setting the stage for the impending murder, and of course get a never ending stream of laughter from the audience, but otherwise it’s up to audience participation to keep the showing going. The atmosphere is so light-hearted and encouraging that even the shy-est of attendees can volunteer for a role and find themselves glad they stepped up (myself being one of them).

I attended a showing of the Garden, Gun, and Gin Club, a story about The Church Street Daughters of Late Unpleasantries whom are not all too happy when the newest President of the club has opened the society to both men and Yankees. There are several other shows as well to choose from, and I fully intend to return again and experience them all! They also offer drinks such as beer, wine, coffee, and tea along with a selection of appetizers and delicious desserts, if I do say so myself. I highly recommend this experience to anyone living in or visiting the Charleston area. Sign up for a role and be prepared to have a lot of fun and share a lot of laughs!

Black Fedora Comedy Mystery Theater Charleston SC - group photo