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Charleston, South Carolina in the winter… oh what a beautiful, confusing time of year for mother nature.  What’s worse? Trying to pack for anything and everything.  Will it be cold? Probably.. But how cold? Well to you northerners, it’s going to feel like early spring and you’ll likely be appreciative to not see snow. Conversely, Those of you coming from the deep south? You will be uncomfortable and will feel the need to tell us how much warmer it is where you’ve come from, Which is why we have developed this list with packing essentials for your stay in Charleston this winter.  

Personally, the “off” season, as many locals will tell you, is the best time of the year.  The temperatures are bearable, as in, you won’t be sweating profusely, traffic is light, meaning it won’t take you 45 minutes to get within a mile of the beach, and tourism is limited, which makes it the perfect time for us locals to get out and enjoy all our wonderful city has to offer.  The Markets, the beaches, the shops, the restaurants.. OHH the restaurants.  That’s an entirely different blog though (Spoiler alert, you won’t go hungry in this city!).  

With that being said, I HIGHLY recommend exploring Charleston this Winter.  However, you will need to know how to pack.  


The following are the 3 most obvious, yet overlooked packing essentials for a winter weekend in Charleston

Comfortable Warm Shoes

 Lets cut to the chase, High heels are out.  Just don’t do it to yourself.  Downtown is littered with cobblestone streets which are an ankle breaker even in the most comfortable of shoes.  And even if you manage to avoid all the cobblestone streets (which you shouldn’t because they are beautiful hidden gems), the best way to truly experience Charleston is by walking.  It’s a very walkable city and it’s really the only way to take it all in and appreciate its true beauty.  Comfortable, warm shoes are your best bet.  If you insist on a heel, a low bootie is my recommendation, but you have been warned. 

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What a versatile lovely layer.  It’s minimal, but it makes a difference.  The weather can change quickly here and when that sun goes down, the temperature goes with it.  Pack a scarf, it doesn’t take up much room and you’ll be thankful for the extra layer and warmth. Bonus if you can find one that doubles as a mask- 2020 fashion and function!

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Another one of those small but practical items that make a world of difference.  Bonus, they can be a great accessory to spruce up any outfit for you fashionistas. But again, they take up almost no room and can seriously keep you warm.  

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I could not tell you how often I have heard (Or to be completely honest, said myself) “I wish I had a hat”, “ I wish I hadn’t worn these shoes”, etc. Which is why this is a list of OBVIOUS, yet overlooked essentials.  We feel pretty confident you’ll be able to remember to pack the rest of the essentials (including clean underwear and socks… but in case you needed the reminder, here it is! We won’t judge). 

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