The Charleston area is known for our playful Bottlenose dolphins. These majestic creatures seemingly always have a smile on their face and will often put on a show for visitors. Dolphin watching is a popular activity that allows people to observe these intelligent and playful marine mammals in their natural habitat. Here are some tips and information for those interested in dolphin watching:

Choose the Right Location: Opt for locations known for high dolphin populations. On Folly, the area near the Morris Island Lighthouse is a great spot to camp out and wait for them to start playing.

Hop on a tour boat: Our local captains are very knowledgeable about all of our wildlife, and they will know the best place to see dolphins. Click here to go to our visitor’s website to see the available tour companies on Folly or ask our front desk to help you make a booking. It’s just steps from Water’s Edge Inn to hop on a tour at the boat landing.

Timing is Key: Dolphins are often more active during certain times of the day. Morning or early afternoon excursions may increase your chances of spotting dolphins and witnessing their playful behaviors.

Be Respectful: Maintain a respectful distance from the dolphins to avoid disturbing their natural behaviors. Follow any guidelines provided by the tour operator or local authorities to minimize the impact on the dolphins and their environment.

Be Patient and Observant: Dolphins are wild animals, and there’s no guarantee of seeing them. Patience is key, and the experience can be as much about enjoying the marine environment as it is about spotting dolphins. Keep a lookout for signs such as dorsal fins, splashing, or the presence of seabirds, which can indicate the presence of dolphins.

Remember that the goal of dolphin watching should be to appreciate and enjoy these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat while minimizing any negative impact on their behavior and environment.