We all know that Folly Beach is great in the summer, but locals and frequent visitors know that the best time of year to be on Folly is the fall and winter. Plan a unique and relaxing stay on Folly Beach in January and you can enjoy:

A Quieter Atmosphere: January is typically considered the off-season. With fewer tourists, Folly Beach can provide a more peaceful and tranquil environment. If you prefer a quieter beach experience and more solitude, January can be an ideal time to visit. Our restaurants, shops and bars are open but much less crowded, so you get to chat with the locals and get a feel for what makes Folly Beach’s people so special.

Mild Weather: Folly Beach in January generally has relatively mild temperatures. While it might not be warm enough for traditional beach activities, the weather can be pleasant for walks along the beach or exploring the area. 

Scenic Beauty: The beach can have a different charm in the winter months. The landscape might be quieter, with fewer people and more opportunities to appreciate the natural beauty of the surroundings. The absence of crowds can also make it easier to spot wildlife and enjoy the scenery.

Local Events: Our annual Taste of Folly festival happens in January. Center Street is lined with samples of deliciousness from our restaurants, along with dozens of vendors, live music, activities, and cocktails. And did we mention the food?

Great for Dolphin- and Birdwatching: The winter months can be an excellent time to view wildlife along the coast. Many migratory birds visit the area during this time, providing bird enthusiasts with exciting opportunities for observation. And our playful bottlenose dolphins come out to play when the waters are calm.

While Folly Beach might not be the traditional summer destination in January, it offers a unique and quieter experience for those who appreciate a more laid-back and less crowded beach environment. Get a cozy room at the best hotel on Folly Beach, the Water’s Edge Inn.