A Letter to our Guests 

That summer time feeling (aka humidity) is in the air and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  We just wanted to reach out and talk all things Folly and Summer with our favorite guests (and potential guests).
While the Summer Solstice is June 20th (the official start of Summer), a lot of us consider Memorial Day weekend to be the unofficial start of Summer, and based on the crowds we saw this Memorial Day weekend, it seems many people feel the same.  
Things are heating up (literally) in the Low Country and Folly Beach is buzzing.  After a year of quarantine, everyone is itching to get out, and understandably so.  We are equally as excited to welcome all of you to Folly Beach and are ecstatic to be hosting visitors again.  With that being said, we would like to give you the inside scoop on life here post COVID quarantine.  Water’s Edge Inn is fully open and operational.  Yupp! That means delicious, made-from-scratch, hot breakfast, complimentary happy hour, including beer, wine, our world famous folly punch and homemade horderves, relaxing hot tub soaks, all of it! Of course we encourage everyone to do their part in maintaining the health and safety of themselves and others.  We are continuing our rigorous sanitizing and cleaning protocol in order to protect our staff and guests, while still having fun! 
Folly Beach is a special place for so many reasons, and whether you are visiting for the first time or hundredth time, we are certain you will fall in love.  Between the natural beauty of the island, the ocean, the marsh, the wild life (I’m referring to the birds and animals, however this occasionally applies to the people as well), the local watering holes, the charming homes and unique vibes, something will be sure to capture your attention while you are here with us on Folly.
Please remember that Folly Beach is a full time home to many people and animals, loggerhead sea turtles being among them! Folly has an impressive sea turtle population which we take great pride and care in protecting.  You can do your part in protecting them as well by remembering to clean up your trash and fill in any holes you may dig at the beach.  While cleaning up your trash might seem obvious, many people are unaware of the dangers a simple hole in the sand can be for a baby sea turtle trying to make the long journey back to sea. Not to mention the ankles of your fellow beach goers. 
So to wrap it up and keep it simple; be respectful, be kind and have fun!
We are so glad to have you all back on Folly Beach and we hope you have a safe and memorable visit with us! 

Still looking for accommodation? We’ve got you covered.  Give us a call or visit our website!