February in Folly Beach brings the FollyGras parade and celebration as well as romantic Valentine’s weekend getaways. Water’s Edge Inn and Regatta Inn played host to many couples enjoying romantic time together and it seems a new romance has developed within our own ranks…..

Water's edge inn hotel parrot


Meet Bubba. Bubba stays perched right outside our front door at Water’s Edge Inn and has taken a liking to the lovely Stella (and who could blame him). He wishes to sweep her off her feet and so he’s invited her to join him for a drink and conversation. While Stella prepares for this exciting occasion upstairs in the Hemingway room, Bubba patiently waits for his date to join him on the front porch.


water's edge inn stella hotel pet



Meanwhile upstairs, Stella simply can’t decide what jewelry she wants to wear or make up to bring out her eyes! This outing is the first time the two have been able to share time alone and she wants to really ‘woo’ him.

water's edge inn mascot porch date




Bubba has selected a lovely Prosecco to set the tone for a celebratory and intimate afternoon between the two and Stella is already giddy or, should we say, ‘bubbly’ from all the attention she is getting from both Bubba and the camera!


waters edge inn hot tub date



Since the air is still crisp on the island, the two decided to take a quick stroll on down to our hot tub and take a look out over the marsh. The pair was deeply engaged in conversation and so the beginning of a new romance emerged. Stay tuned to learn more about these love birds in upcoming posts.