Aloha Y’all! We hope you are all doing well and are safe. Right now times are a bit odd and we are all trying our best to adjust, that is why this post will be about what we are doing at the inns to make sure you and our staff are kept safe, happy and, healthy!

Masks are required in the City of Folly Beach and Charleston County. We want to respect the health of our staff, guests and prevent the spread of the virus. All guests are required to wear a face mask in public spaces of the inn (the lobby, check-in desk area, hallways, etc..). It is completely ok not wear a mask in the rooms or while relaxing on the beach. If you walk out with a mask, we will happily provide you with one.

Our breakfast has changed: Before I arrived on the scene ( I am a newer addition to this wonderful staff!) Waters Edge provided a nice hot breakfast that guests could sit out in the lobby and enjoy. Now it is more continental style with everything wrapped up individually. We are slowly adding new items to our menu that are easy to prepare and can be portioned out. Guests are welcome to enjoy their breakfast in their private rooms rooms or outside at our table and chairs with an umbrella.

Happy Hour is still happy…COVID style: Same goes for happy hour, everything is grab and go. Nevertheless, you can still get your happy on! You can even request a bottle of wine or beer to be in your room.

All restaurants are providing to-go service and outdoor dining. Some places are allowing restaurant goers to sit inside at a 50% capacity. All alcohol sales must end at 11 pm Island wide but local grocery stores and Bert’s Market is open 24/7.

All rooms have been cleaned and sanitized before your arrival according to government suggestions. This is not a change, but standard practice for our Inn! Once cleaned it is locked and will not be opened until check-in. The staff member that opens your room before your arrival will wear a mask and fresh gloves, which will be disposed of after leaving the room. We have even gone the extra mile to clean and sanitize room keys and place them into bags or envelopes (to recycle) to reduce the chance of crosscontamination.

Stayover Service: We are not offering our standard stay over service unless requested!  If more towels are needed please use the bag provided to secure soiled linens and bring it to the front desk, and we will give you clean sets

Our Staff: While we are usually quite engaging with guests, we have been instructed to keep interactions at a minimum. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need anything. We are here to make your stay as comfortable and special as possible, but we must work together for our safety.


Please call the desk at 843-588-9800 with any questions and click here to check out the latest update from The City of Folly Beach.